Relationship Talk: It is better to be obese than to be single, study says


Get out and meet people. Being alone now seems deadlier than you ever thought

Being single will likely kill you faster than being too overweight, according to researchers.

A new study has claimed that being alone is deadlier than being obese.

Did you know that being single could actually get you killed?

A startling new research has revealed that being alone  – no girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or family to call your own increases the chance of untimely death by 50%.

In contrast; even obesity, which is one of the world’s deadliest health issues won’t kill you faster – it has just 30 % chance of killing you!

So while you might be considering postponing a romantic relationship, it’s high time you called up that babe and let her know how much you like her. You’ll literally be saving your own life!

Researchers at Bingham University, led by Dr Julianne Holt-Lunstad, looked into 218 studies that investigated the impact loneliness and social isolation had on an individual’s health.

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They discovered that people with poor social connections – which could be attributed to being single, moving to new areas or simply not having time for a social or romantic life –  are at a high risk of a lowered quality of life, apparently.

 “Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need, crucial to both well-being and survival,” says Dr Holt-Lunstad.


According to Attitude UK, other studies in the past have shown that lonely adults often report worse cases of sicknesses than those that are not.

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.

Get yourself a boo, a friend and embrace your family better than ever.

Your continued existence depends on it, if this report is to be believed!