Pulse Blogger: Our parents unknowingly orchestrated our failures [Part 3]


Children and parents

Gone are the days where the strength of a man is measured by the number of wives and kids he has.

Gone are the days where the strength of a man is measured by the number of wives and kids he has.

We are in an evolving world where the mistake of yesterday becomes the experiences that propels the positive results of our today. Life is crooked, nothing last forever but for the goodwill of our hearts, we’d soon be forgotten.

Some of us are careless, selfish and unaware of the calamity our children will face tomorrow because of the unwise decisions we make today. We tend to forget that it is what we have that will propel the yielding of our children, it is necessary to think of the future of our kinds even before getting married.

A Tree Cannot Make a Forest

Are you typically blind as a man? Do you feel it is the duty of a woman to stay home and take care of the house? If you have these opinions, then you’re absolutely wrong.

A tree cannot make a forest, in the sense; you alone cannot be the financially active person in the family. “The consistency associated with financial inflow is highly imperative” because making money is serious business. Therefore, you must allow your family members to learn the true ethics of business so as to cultivate the habit of money/business management.

Regardless of how much money you earn, you must let your wife know how to manage something that can also generate some certain income for the betterment of the family. No talent is wasted, if you do not let her learn the ethics required in managing a business, no matter the size, in the future, your business is likely to suffer great loss.

It is only natural and ideal for us to give others the necessary freedom to grow into the person they want to become. We are not supposed to restrict others from having a fair share of life’s worth, it is slavery, to impound people, restrict them and even tend to govern them in this idea of marriage or parenting. We must teach others to grow well, independently. “It is imperative” and a must, if we want our younger generation to be better than we are today, then the time to teach them right and show them the way is now…

Don’t Multiply to Quantify

Children are a blessing from God; yes they are, but we must not have children we cannot afford to cater for. It is like inflicting punishment on kids when we make them go through so much lack and insufficiencies. These kids are innocent, and yet they suffer mistreatment, domestic violence and abuse as a result of our inability to handle lack, emotionally.

The time to make the choice is now; don’t have lots of children just because you’re married, or because your husband/wife or family members want you to. Have kids that would enjoy the joy of being kids, let them grow strong and prepared to face the world, because it is your responsibility as a parent to empower your kids.

When we come short of our responsibilities, who do we expect these children to turn to? Automatically, we’re pushing them away to making tough choices and decisions because, like it or not, needs have to be met. Do not expect to have success driven kids if you fail to be successful in your own path, good begets good and so it is in every case.

Our Parents Our Responsibilities

It is typical in our part of the world, where loving is an obligation, and for love, the obligations becomes imperatively a must. A lot of youths today are carrying the burden of taking care of an entire family at a very young age. Some of them go to the extreme just so they can rise above poverty, and some of these youths still have parents. Isn’t this wickedness?

If as a parent, you are aware of your financial capabilities, yet you decided to have five (5) kids, then you are wicked. Because the number of kids one has does not determine how fertile the womb is, you should understand how to love immensely before giving birth to a child. For the sake of love, you and I both know that your child would go to different lengths to make sure we are okay, because they wouldn’t want to lose us.

Don’t make loving you as a parent become an enslavement for your kids, you must learn to help your kids grow, in other words, help yourself to grow. Don’t expect to have rich kids when you as a parent are far from being rich; don’t encourage your kids to look for rich men just so they can take care of you. Don’t destroy them by letting them think the society is against them, instead encourage them to invest in their talents and don’t be idle while at it.

If you tell your daughter to marry a rich man, wouldn’t it be pure greed? Isn’t it someone else’s daughter that will end up marrying your poor son? Don’t bite more than you can chew, this country would have been long ridded off of corruption if only our parents set the records straight.

Train up a child in the way he/she should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it Prov 22:6. The Bible was talking about general care and responsibility of a parent to a child. Don’t destroy their foundation and expect a different result in the future, miracles don’t happen by accident.

Quotes and article written by Joyous Akhivbareme

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