NSFDW 2017: Stephanie Daniels made a collection out of bottles, paper for showcase


Stephanie Daniels for Style Squad showcases at student fashion week Day 2

Taking on water bottles, sachets and other disposable bits, Stephanie Daniels showed her creativity presenting for Style Squad at NSFDW

Stephanie Daniels made a sheer creative display for Style Squad on Day 2 of Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week 2017.

Taking on endless sachets of water and bottles and more disposable bits, Stephanie Daniels presented for Style Squad making 'avant-gard-ish' look out of disposable items to create showstopping pieces.

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Corset detailed dresses, bustier, ball gowns accessorized with bottles in bold colours, mesh boned dresses made out of paper, overlay made out of nylon, floor length pieces made out of paper and more creative bits filled the collection.


Get a glimpse of the creativity she brought to the runway.