Lagos State Police: Force arrests 98 motorists, seizes 105 motorcycles for violating traffic rules


Seized bikes

Ninety-eight motorists have been arrested for not complying with the traffic laws and regulations of Lagos state.

Ninety-eight motorists have been arrested for failure to obey Lagos state’s traffic rules.

Also, one hundred and five motorcycles have been impounded by the Lagos State Joint Task Force Team for disregarding traffic rules.


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While addressing the public, the Head of the Joint Task Force, Mr. Olatunji Disu, revealed that the arrests and seizure is part of the team’s effort to ensure that road users obey the State’s traffic laws and regulations.

He also said the Police have found out that traffic robbery is aided by the use of motorcycles, hence, the seizure.

“This operation is embarked upon in order to ensure that sanity is brought back to the highways. This will in no small measure prevent traffic robbery and criminal attacks on innocent and law abiding motorists and commuters, which have become a menace in the metropolis”.

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This comes after the new Chairman/Chief Executive, Chris Olakpe of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), said that all motorcyclists must limit their movement to approved roads or face prosecution and seizure of their machines.

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