Former US fireman has had the ‘most extensive’ face transplant ever


<img class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-5506222" src="" alt="This combination photo provided November 16, 2015 by the NYU Langone Medical Center shows face transplant patient Patrick Hardison before(L) and after his surgery. A New York medical center said November 16, 2015 it had performed the most complex and comprehensive face transplant to date, performed on a 41-year-old first responder horribly disfigured in 2001. More than 100 doctors, nurses, technical and support staff took part in the 26-hour operation, conducted in mid-August at the NYU Langone Medical Center, the center announced. The recipient was Patrick Hardison, from Senatobia, Mississippi who suffered extensive facial burns as a volunteer firefighter, just days before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Hardison was severely disfigured when the roof of a burning home collapsed on top of him… Read the full story